♦ Google Chrome Game
(5 letter)

Sebernanya tak ada siapa tag saya.Saya tak tak famas :P.Ain dapat dari blog Afiq.

Rules :
  • You must copy, paste this rules on your post !
  • Write A to Z
  • Write Anything that just came out from your Google Navigation tab that follow by its letter.
  • eg. b = bdakkacamata.blogspot.com ( my blog )
  • After that, Tag some people and make sure they know that they have been tagged by you !
  • Happy playing ^_^

 The Links That Came Out:

Okey,Done!Setiap huruf ada link.Hebaat -.- btw visit blog fanfic saya~.Do comment.

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Edited by Ain Fadhilah.Full ispiration by NA and CL